White Marble

I’ve been slightly obsessed with this white marble print sweatshirt ever since I took it home a few weeks ago. I love its mix of classic/refined (marble) and modern/relaxed (sweatshirt). After all, isn’t that what luxury means nowadays? I believe that we’ve reached a point where we no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. I also love how easily I can dress this sweatshirt up or down. For this look, I chose to dress it up with my asymmetrical pencil skirt and studded Jeffrey Campbell pumps.

I know I probably wear this skirt too much (see it styled here & here) but it’s so versatile and it looks good with everything. I’m also trying to get my legs some much needed exposure to the sun after months in pants! My legs are definitely looking pale at the moment, but luckily I tan quickly. I might have to wait until I go on vacation in June to get some real hot sun, but time flies so quickly I’ll be boarding my plane before I know it.

Speaking of time flying, some time last month was my 15th anniversary of moving to Vancouver! Is it bad that I forgot the exact date? I do remember arriving here. The first proper sight I ever saw was Stanley Park, where these pictures were taken. I think we came here on our third or fourth day in the country. It’s funny, when we moved here I thought we would only stay for a few years and then go back to Australia. Now it’s been 15 years and this is the place I consider home. I’m not even a very good Canadian at times; I hate winter/snow/cold, watching hockey bores me, and I actually think Tim Horton’s is kind of gross. Canadians reading this probably hate me right now but what can I say? There are just some things I’ll never get used to.

Living in Vancouver has shaped my personality a lot though. I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Pacific ocean – I honestly feel like something is missing when I’m in a mainland city. I’ve kind of become immune to rain. I don’t love it, but I’ve gotten so used to constant rain that I don’t mind when it does rain (as long as I don’t forget my umbrella at home). I appreciate the sun a lot more when it comes out. I’m used to multiculturalism and meeting people from all over the world. At my last birthday dinner, every single person came from a different country. There is no other Canadian city I would want to live in. Firstly because it’s way too cold everywhere else, and secondly because I love the beauty and chill west coast vibe of this city. I love you, Vancouver! 

SWEATSHIRT: Angeleye (similar men’s style here) | SKIRT: Topshop (similar here) | SUNGLASSES: Aldo | HEELS: Jeffrey Campbell | BAG: Mango









Photos by Doaa Maqladi