Printed Maxi Dress at Cannon Beach

For our 6 year anniversary, Kirill and I went on a little family road trip to Oregon (we brought Lady with us too!). Our first stop was Cannon Beach, where I wore my sheer brushstroke printed maxi dress. There’s just something about wearing a dreamy maxi on the beach, and I knew the colours of this one would be perfect for the location.

Oregon has been on my list for a while now. I went once when I was 12 or 13 and didn’t remember much. It’s nice going back to places you went as a kid, the experience is so different as an adult. You appreciate it more … who wasn’t a brat when they were a kid? Having Lady there was the cherry on top. As much as I love travelling she’s the thing I miss the most when I’m not home, and she got so excited being in new places. It was adorable AF.

The first time I went to Cannon Beach I remember not being very impressed. Even though it was August, it was really cold. I guess bratty teenage me was expecting a tropical beach. This time I loved it. Haystack Rock is quite a sight and makes the beach look amazing. It’s a lot bigger and more dramatic IRL, you can see its top as you drive into town. Plus, the sand is super soft and light. The water was still freezing. I only went in waist deep for a few minutes and my toes got numb, but the views make up for that. There’s a light mist around Haystack Rock that gives the whole beach a very dreamy, surreal feel.

We only stayed for a few hours because we were behind schedule and didn’t want to arrive in Portland too late. After driving through the big highway in Washington State we had to go through a bunch of smaller roads. Once we got to town the parking situation was bad. The town itself is tiny (it doesn’t even have a gas station!) and made up of a bunch of awkward little streets. But once we got down to the beach it was so worth it. It was just what we needed after a long day on the road – we left home at 6am and arrived at Cannon Beach around 3pm.

Are there any places you’ve revisited as an adult or would to like to revisit?

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