Petite Style Muse: Emma Roberts

I’ve decided to bring back Petite Style Muse! Though it has been nice focusing on just OOTD posts, I want this blog to be more. I realized the problem with my old inspo posts was that there wasn’t much structure. I’d randomly think of topics. Now I’m going to keep it consistent, starting with a monthly petite style muse. If you have any suggestions/requests for muses or any other petite fashion topic you’d like me to cover give me a shout. PS – petite bloggers are very welcome to be muses, so feel free to nominate yourself.

Anyway, my latest petite style muse is Emma Roberts. Google says she is 5’2/157cm. Until recently I didn’t know much about her except that she’s related to Julia Roberts. So far I’ve seen her in one movie and one TV show and I’ve gotta say she’s a pretty good actress. Her roles were polar opposite and she had me convinced in both.

Her style is feminine, easy, and she clearly has a thing for fun accessories. Most importantly – it’s flattering. Everything she wears looks tailor-made for her so she still looks good in silhouettes that can be tricky to wear like midis and boxy dresses. It just goes to show that fit is everything (and since we all can’t/don’t want to go to a tailor every time get my tips for faking it here).

I also love her red carpet/event style! Maybe it’s not the craziest, but she always looks amazing.

What do you think of Emma Roberts’ style?

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  1. Nataliya 23/05/2017 at 12:34

    I LOVE her!! Ever since Scream Queens, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with her. She is such a good actress.

    I didn’t realize she was petite! Her legs are super long in relation to her torso, so she always looks tall in pictures! I agree that her style is very laid-back and well put together at the same time. She’s definitely one of my fave street style stars.


    1. Maria 23/05/2017 at 19:36

      Right? I first saw her in the movie Ashby but her role wasn’t as funny/interesting as Chanel so I didn’t pay much attention but after Scream Queens I’m a fan! If you look at her next to taller actors you can tell (even with Chad Radwell), but yeah she does have long legs and she dresses in a way to accentuate it.


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