Pastel & Glitter For VFW: Mint Duster & Digital Floral Slip Dress

On the weekend I had the pleasure of attending Vancouver Fashion Week, so I went all out in pastel and glitter. Fashion week is always a good excuse to wear more interesting pieces, so I wore my longest jacket, my craziest boots, and my most interesting print. It’s a lucky coincidence that the colours of my mint duster & digital floral slip dress go together so well.

Even I can hardly believe I’m not wearing ANY black. But I’m really liking this whole colourful thing. On my way to the shows I stood out like a sore thumb among all the people in black and grey, but it felt good. I’m not giving up on black. I have way too much of it that, and I still love my black pieces. I’m putting colours on its level.

Our ridiculously long winter might also be a contribution. It’s just started getting warmer (yes, those are bare legs!) and I’m embracing it to the max. Although the duster covering the back of my legs was a massive help. I really love that coat.

Diversity is what makes fashion unique. It’s so much more than all black everything. That’s why Vancouver Fashion Week is always fun. There’s a wide range of designers from all over the globe, so in one evening you see it all. I’ll be posting my favourite runway looks soon.

Thanks for reading! What would you wear to fashion week?

Photos by Syd Hyder




Women’s Mint Duster Coat, Light Blue Print Sheath Dress, Light Blue Crossbody Bag, White Cap on Lookastic: Mint Duster Coat, Light Blue Print Sheath Dress, Light Blue Crossbody Bag, White Cap


  • rhe

    thanks for sharing ur experience at VFW!! i would definitely wear color as well 😉

    • Maria

      Thanks! Still gotta share my runway pics though 🙂

  • Paola

    I love your sporty chic combo, cute dress Maria!
    Kisses, Paola.
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  • Nicola Marleen

    You look stunning!
    xx Nicola

  • Maray

    Beautiful look!

  • Batsheva

    SO sorry for not visiting your blog in so long!!! (actually, I only missed one post), but still. I feel bad. I’ve just been really busy. Maria!!! You look so awesome!!!!! Your purple hair by the way, stands out so well against those muted colors. I really love the fact that you got to attend Vancouver fashion week. How did you swing that? It’s really funny, but I’m five feet, and I have this irrational fear of wearing long dusters– like I’m afraid that they won’t look good on me bc I have such short legs. You pull it off so well though.

    • Maria

      Aw no worries! We all get busy. Thank you 🙂 I’ve actually been involved with fashion week for a long time, before I started blogging. I used to put together fashion shows! I always was too, but then this one went on sale for $30 so I decided to at least try it on. I fell in love and wear it all the time. Though I do have to be careful how I style it. Looking back at this outfit I kinda think I should have worn some low top sneakers to make my legs look longer, but I really wanted to wear those boots at the time.

  • Paola

    Have a great day babe!
    Kisses, Paola.
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  • Christina Gliati

    Same here about the short legs. But I love long jackets and this one is great on you. Kisses!

    • Maria

      Thanks Christina! xx

  • Milex


  • Jennifer

    I really like the whole look! The cap adds a such a cool and casual feel to the outfit. 🙂

    • Maria

      Thanks! Originally I wasn’t going to wear it but I was kind of having a bad hair day so I decided not to risk it and wear the cap 🙂

  • Emma Ami

    Love the mint coat. The color is perfect for spring! If I had the chance to attend fashion week, I would probably wear a crazy print with platforms.

    • Maria

      Thank you! I liked wearing it in the winter too to brighten up my outfits.

  • Atsuna Matsui

    You look soo cute in this coat along with that bag!! I also love how you still made this outfit look sporty by pairing it with a cap and sneakers! I can’t tell that you’re short at all. 🙂


    • Maria

      Thanks Atsuna! I was a bit worried the boots cut my legs off a bit.

  • D'Shaunte

    This makes a great fashion week streetstyle look👌🏾

  • Nina

    This is a lovely outfit. Love the coat.

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    What a cool look! Digging the hat 🙂
    Love, Lindsey

    • Maria

      Thanks Lindsey! x

  • Sharon Wu

    omg i love this entire look from head to toe and your hair looks fab! xo, sharon

    • Maria

      Thanks so much Sharon! xx

  • Paola Lauretano

    Happy Friday doll!
    Kisses, Paola.

  • Eleine

    Great post dear

    • Maria

      Thanks 🙂

  • Selina

    I love colour and don’t wear all black or grey so it would be colour for me. I’d probably wear a dress and kimono jacket in a pattern in the warm colours and wear my glittery boots as well

    • Maria

      Wow no black or grey is impressive! Yay for glittery boots 🙂

  • Nataliya

    Maria- congrats on not wearing all black!! lol- as someone who totally gravitates toward all black and incorporates no light colors into her daily wardrobe, I give you major props! The thing is, you still made it look super edgy with those boots!

    I typically wear a balance of a bit risque and things for comfort when it comes to fashion week. I try to balance things out that wouldn’t require me wearing heels. ;p

    • Maria

      Lol thanks! I’ve been working with more colours so it’s gotten easier for me to style them. That was my goal here, and the outfit was actually really comfy! The dress and coat are a bit slouchy and of course no heels = so much nicer on the feet.

  • Radi

    Totally fashionable look. When great pieces like this come together, magic happens.

    • Maria

      Thank you! It was great that the colours all went so well together.

  • Didier

    I am OBSESSED with that Mint jacket!!!! Its one of my favourite colours but there definitely aren’t many male options in that colour unfortunately!


    • Maria

      Thank you! Aw that’s too bad, hopefully one day it will become the norm in menswear.

  • Neha

    U look gorgeous babe…xx, Neha

  • Carina

    The mint coat is gorgeous, very springy and it suits you perfectly!


    • Maria

      Thanks Carina x

  • Jessi Malay

    I absolutely love the digital floral print on that slip dress! It really differentiates it from other slip dresses that are usually very basic 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing babe!

    XO Jessi,

    • Maria

      Thanks Jessi! I’ve had this dress for a couple of years now but I’m still obsessed with the print.

  • OnTrend

    This post is very practical!

  • Yara Mel

    Definitely short-girl long jacket!

    Lovely outfit and bag!