New York Through My Phone

I hope you’re not too sick of my New York photos, because here’s the last batch. I still had lots of photos on my phone that I wanted to share.Β What can I say? New York is a really photogenic city and this was a memorable trip.

I also took a break from shooting when I came home. My sister and niece were in town for almost a month so I wanted to spend as much time as I could with them. I’ll have fresh Vancouver content next week, but for now here’s a look at New York through my phone.

The amazing view from our Airbnb. This was from the living room, from our room we had the perfect overview of the Williamsburg bridge. I mentioned it before but it was such a good location. Since we were right beside the bridge we could walk to Brooklyn, and the walk to the Empire State Building was only 15-20 minutes.

Governor’s Ball

We didn’t go to New York for the festival. It was a coincidence that it was on while we were there. Some of Kirill’s coworkers were going and told us about it. We went on the Sunday and I’m so glad we did. I finally got to see one of my favourite bands, Franz Ferdinand, play live. They were amazing. One hour playing wasn’t enough, I’m really hoping they’ll come to Vancouver soon. I also discovered a new band I like called the Orwells. Even though it was raining for most of the day it was still fun.

We got to take a special ferry to the festival! It was on an island park between Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can drive/walk to the island from Brooklyn but I like that I got to take a ferry to the ball, haha.

Β This was only the second festival I’ve been to, and it made me see festivals in a new light.Β The first one I went to was a smaller festival here in BC called Bass Coast. I felt out of place there because the music was all EDM and I didn’t know any of the artists playing. Also most of the people there were on acid. I was not so it was kind of awkward. I preferred the Governor’s Ball because the music was mostly indie rock (my favourite), and it was also very well organized. I never had to wait in line to pee or get water (there were free refill stations all over the festival), and I didn’t see anyone overdosing or acting too crazy so it was overall a very pleasant festival experience. I just wish more people were dancing.

Empire State Building

We left the festival a bit early because we weren’t fans of any of the closing acts and had already been there all day. Instead, we wanted to do some more city exploring. From the ferry terminal we made our way to the Empire State Building and went to the top. We didn’t even mean to – we randomly wandered in just to see what it looked like from the inside. The inside is a labyrinth that leads you right to the cashier so we figured might as well since we were already there.

I don’t usually buy tickets for the big tourist attractions but I think this was worth it, the views are incredible. If you’re on a budget you can also visit a rooftop bar; the price of a drink is half the price of an Empire State Building ticket. But it probably won’t be as good.

And then we ended the night with some pizza! What else do you eat after partying? I really miss those giant slices. Only a few bucks and they keep you pretty full.

Rooftop Bars

Speaking of rooftop bars, we did one evening of light bar hopping (2 bars … it still counts, right?). Vancouver doesn’t have a lot of rooftop bars and they ones we do have definitely aren’t as high up as the NY ones, so we wanted to take advantage while we were there.

We heard stories of how it’s super hard to get into NY clubs/bars and got all dressed up. Kirill put on a suit, I put on a dress and heels. The whole time I was worried I didn’t look good enough and they wouldn’t let me in. When we go to the first bar, Le Bain, the doorman barely looked at us and when we got in I was the only girl in heels. Granted we got there super early (around 7:30pm). I’ve heard it’s a whole other story after dark.


We stayed for a drink before going to 230 5th, which is a rooftop bar right across from the Empire State Building. We preferred Le Bain, but I think we should have gone there later. Le Bain has a hot tub inside it (the whole reason we wanted to go – I even brought our bathing suits) but it was closed when we arrived.


On our last night in town we got an insiders view of Brooklyn. We were hanging out with Kirill’s coworkers and one of them took us to his old building to watch the sunset. We could see almost all of Manhattan, it was cool.

And that’s it! I also have a vlog coming soon so stay tuned for that πŸ™‚