Graffiti + Sequins

Bonjour de Paris! I’m now on the second half of my vacation in France. Even though these pictures were taken at home, I feel they have a European vibe because of the location. I know that when you think of Paris you probably start imagining all the super chic places, but if you’ve been to neighbourhoods that aren’t in the centre you’ll know that Paris can be just as gritty as it is glamourous. I guess you have to see it to believe it but basically I’m talking about all of the street art/graffiti.

In Canada (or at least in the cities I’ve seen) there is only a tiny amount of it compared to European cities, and it often gets removed. I absolutely adored all of the street art in Barcelona, I think it gives the city a lot more character! This warehouse is pretty much the only place in Vancouver with so much graffiti. When you’re there it looks like a little street just covered in it! I love coming here because not only does it look really cool, it’s also across from the most awesome gelato place in town. In fact, I never would have known about this spot if it wasn’t for La Casa Gelato!

It’s in an industrial part of town where the style is obviously very laid back, so I opted for a simple crop top and shorts combination. I never like being completely plain though, which is why I also wore my matte black sequin bomber jacket. I don’t always like wearing sequins during the day because they can be a bit much, but because these sequins are matte they aren’t too in-your-face. And to me, bombers are the most casual of all the jackets. What do you think of wearing sequins during the day?

JACKET: Goldie London | SHORTS: Motel | SHOES & BACKPACK: Aliexpress | RING: Aldo









Photos by Jon Pernul