Go For Gold: Bustier Tee & Pleated Skirt

Black & gold is one of my favourite combos, but it doesn’t exactly scream summer. I wanted to switch it up and try out grey & gold. I quite like the result. The gold makes the grey much more interesting, don’t you think? Also the the bustier tee & pleated skirt combo is pretty cute IMHO.

Lately I’ve been a lot more deliberate and careful when planning shoots. When I first started blogging I would choose random locations I liked around town because Vancouver has plenty of spots with great views. Street style shots are classic, but I’ve found that my favourite bloggers are the ones that really plan out their shoots. The clothes match the location perfectly and all the colours tie in together.

That’s what my goal is now when I shoot, and it’s so much fun. Location scouting, making a colour scheme… it makes the end result so much more satisfying. I used to pass this old factory every day on my way to/from work and it was my favourite part of the drive. It’s this creepy, old abandoned building in the middle of a trendy neighbourhood with downtown in the background. It’s so random but I love the contrast, and the mix of the rusty colours with my metallic skirt.

Location is an important and interesting thing, and not just when it comes to photography. Where you like to spend your time says a lot about you. Looking back, my personal preferences have changed so much. Growing up in the suburbs, I was obsessed with going downtown, window shopping, going to restaurants on the weekends…

Now that I live in the city I prefer more obscure places. You won’t catch me lining up outside of the latest trendy brunch spot. I’d rather be eating takeout by the water while looking at the city from a distance. I think I’ll always be a city girl, I just prefer to experience them in a different way now.

Photos by Jon Pernul

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