CyPrime Video

Hola from Mexico! I don’t have proper photos to show you this week, sorry. Instead I have this video I shot with my friend SydΒ for his new tech company, CyPrime. It’s his first video and I think he did an amazing job! Especially since it was about -7 on the day we filmed this, hope you can’t see how freezing I am. I think it was worth braving the cold though, if only for the rosy pink sunset.

I’m really proud of Syd. When we met a year and a half ago, he was working at a job he hated and had just started taking photos of the city and landscapes. Now he’s in charge of the Canadian market for CyPrime and has a successful photography business (see my favourite shoots with Syd here & here). Work hard enough and anything is possible, right?

Anyway, I’ve made sure to take plenty of photos here on the Riviera Maya (I feel so fancy saying that) so next week the blog will get a little tropical makeover. Until then you can follow along on instagramΒ πŸ™‚

PS: check out the power bank I’m using in the video/other stylish tech products onΒ CyPrime’s amazon store.