Blue Jean Baby with Laura Rikman

What do you wear to a shoot that you’re planning with someone who’s living out of a suitcase and that you’ve only interacted with on instagram? Good old jeans and a tee, of course! Many wardrobe staples are debatable to me (sorry but white button downs are just too corporate for me), but I can’t deny the charm of jeans and a tee.

It’s the most universal and comfortable combination out there. Anyone looks good in it, whether you’re tall like Laura or small like me. Even though this is one of the simplest outfits I’ve ever posted on this blog, I love how the shoot turned out. Especially the subtle differences like our heights, hair textures, and the fits of our jeans and tops. We both brought a few tops with us, but ended up liking our most basic options the most. Laura let me borrow her other scarf and the result is below.

Laura Rikman is an artist from Madrid. We’ve been following each other on instagram for a while (check hers out for some beautiful nature-inspired art) and finally got to meet when she came to Vancouver to visit our mutual friend, Syd the photographer. Besides being a talented artist, she’s also a super lovely person. I’ve gotta say, I’m quite enjoying these insta-meetups! I guess all those warnings we got about internet creeps growing up were wrong. Well, at least partially.

Are you a jeans & tee lover too?

Photos by Syd Art Media

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