August Favourites: Oregon, Tofino & The Black Keys

You guys seemed to enjoy my monthly roundup from July, so I’m going to make them a thing πŸ™‚ Here’s what I was up to in August.


This painting print maxi dress I wore to Cannon Beach (here’s the post in case you missed it). I had a feeling the dress would be perfect for the beach and I was right. I really love how these photos turned out.


Cannon Beach/Portland.Β Kirill and I did an Oregon road trip for our anniversary. It was my first time back since I was 12 or 13 and I loved it. I’ll have a Portland post up soon πŸ™‚

Tofino.Β Another place I hadn’t been to since I was little. I think since my first or second summer in Canada (2000/2001)! It’s located on the west side of Vancouver Island so it’s a bit far. You have to take a 1.5hr long ferry from Vancouver, then drive about 3 hours across the island, but it’s worth it. The beaches are much nicer than in Vancouver. It’s open ocean (Vancouver is on a strait) so you get dramatic waves, soft and light sand, and much fewer people. It’s a popular surfing destination but it’s great even if you don’t surf. We went for 2 days and they were probably my most relaxing beach trips of the summer. Since the guys were surfing, Lady and I practically had the beaches to ourselves.

My one suggestion is to reserve your ferry tickets. We didn’t and were stuck in line for 5 hours.

We also came across this amazing spot on the way to Tofino. We were driving and noticed a lot of cars pulled over so we got curious too. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen. It’s like a small rock field with the most unbelievably clear water.


I know I said Game of Thrones last month but I have to say it again. I think that was the most epic season to date! I’m so sad that we have to wait until 2019 for the next season πŸ™

Kirill and I are also glad to see Rick & Morty back (Pickle Rick!!), and we’ve been re-watching Silicon Valley in between the new episodes.

We also started watching White Gold on Netflix. I’ve missed seeing Ed Westwick on screen, even if his character is a scumbag. It has pretty funny/relatable moments for anyone who’s worked in sales. And Grace & Frankie is my new girly show for when I’m home alone. Yeah… I think I watch too much TV. My September goal is to watch less.


I have weird music listening habits. I’ll have a song or two from a band in my library for months, sometimes years, and only then I’ll think “hey, I should listen to some of their other songs”. Then I go on a spree and save all their albums if I like what I hear. Anyone else? Well, this month I’ve been discovering The Black Keys.

I also recently discovered the artist Temples on a car trip with friends. They’re pretty similar to Tame Impala (first two albums) with chill/psychedelic vibes.

And I got so happy when I found out that Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Fever To Tell album is back on Spotify! One of the songs came on shuffle and it made my day. That was one of the first CDs I ever owned (or did I steal it from my sister?) and I still love it.


I’ve been keeping my routine really simple lately. I’m talking bare minimum. It started with reading an article about how washing your face in the morning is useless. You don’t really get it dirty at night unless you’re sleeping on a dirty pillowcase, so when you wash it in the morning you’re basically just stripping your skin of essential oils. It was strange at first because I’ve always had a multi-step routine. I had an irrational fear that if I stopped using a product something bad would happen. But nothing did.

So I stopped using my BB cream too. It’s so warm out I don’t need the extra moisture. My morning routine is now just washing my face with water. At night I wash off my makeup and that’s it! My skin is fine. I only noticed changes based on what I’m eating; the cleaner I eat, the cleaner my skin is. I’ll start moisturizing again when it gets cold enough but for now I’m liking this less is more approach. It saves me time, money, and is gentler on my skin.


Wireless earbuds!! They’re amazing and only $30. They make me feel superior to all the people I see dealing with cords on the street (lol). Kirill got these for his YouTube channel, which you should check out if you’re into tech stuff.

Earbuds link:Β


    1. Maria 08/09/2017 at 17:25

      Thanks Paola! xx

    1. Maria 08/09/2017 at 17:25

      Aw thanks Cris! The next post will be soon πŸ™‚

  1. Saida - She talks Glam 11/09/2017 at 15:50

    I enjoyed this roundup of your month of August, dear Maria. I was so in love with your maxi dress when I saw it on Instagram! β™₯ Also I have given a listen to Black Keys and Temples. Thanks for sharing and inspiring, babe

    Saida | She talks Glam

    1. Maria 11/09/2017 at 18:35

      Thanks Saida! Hope you enjoyed the music πŸ™‚ xx


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