24 Confessions

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday! Anyone who is older is going to laugh but I feel kind of old. Can I still say I’m in my early 20s? I’m not having a quarter life crisis (I think), but it blows my mind that some of my favourite movies and songs are over 10 years old.

Anyway, last year I shared 23 facts about me, but this year I want to share 24 confessions. I guess they’re just more personal facts, but that’s just it – I’m going deeper. Friends have told me that I still seem mysterious to them even after knowing each other a few years so I’m trying to work on opening up more.

Hope you enjoy!

  1. I don’t really like going out on Friday nights. I usually feel tired from work, so I prefer to use Friday nights to netflix & chill at home. That way I have more energy for the rest of the weekend!
  2. Some of my favourite movies are dumb comedies like Get Him To The Greek, Napoleon Dynamite, or anything with Seth Rogen. I love having a good laugh.
  3. I don’t like gifts. Finding gifts stresses me out because I always want the gift to be useful but I can never imagine what the other person needs. Even receiving … of course, gifts are nice to receive, but honestly I’d rather just shop for myself. To me the best gift someone can give is quality time together. My boyfriend and I both stopped doing physical gifts years ago and it’s been great.
  4. I love singing but am usually too shy to sing in front of anyone. Unless I’m sure the music will drown me out or I’ve had several drinks.
  5. Sometimes I fantasize about shaving all my hair off and starting fresh. I’ll never do it because I’m way too attached to my hair, damages and all.
  6. I don’t like it when men act chivalrous for me (opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc). It’s not that I’m some feminazi; I feel awkward just standing there while the man does the work.
  7. If I were super rich, I’d rather own a few apartments in my favourite cities than have a mansion. I wouldn’t know what to do with all the space.
  8. I’m starting to develop an online shopping addiction and I blame it on my boyfriend. He’s been obsessed with buying things online for a few years now. Sometimes I get jealous of all the packages he receives and order something because I want a package too. And because I like it, otherwise I wouldn’t buy it.
  9. If I sit for longer than an hour, I start getting bored, restless and kind of sore. I love being active and walking around a lot. That’s why I’m not really into cars and I’d go for bathroom breaks pretty much every hour when I worked in an office.
  10. My dream is to own 12 dogs like Morgan from The Mindy Project (and give them a movie room where they can sit and watch doggy movies).
  11. I can listen to the same songs a million times and not get sick of them. If it’s love, it’s true love. Same with movies.
  12. There are actually a couple of Justin Bieber songs I kind of like *covers face*.
  13. Tabloids are my guilty pleasure. I don’t read them often – just when I’m getting my hair done. I don’t really care about the celebrities, but the articles themselves and how they’re written are so ridiculous.
  14. I like reading classic literature and watching historical movies (even though I know they’re mostly inaccurate). I find it interesting to compare how we’ve changed and stayed the same over the centuries. Plus, the fashion!
  15. I’m kind of scared of the dark. But only if it’s pitch black. If there’s just one teeny tiny light I’m good.
  16. I like buying cheesy souvenirs like magnets and mugs. I like remembering the cool places I’ve been while I drink tea or grab a snack.
  17. I hate bras and if I can get away with not wearing one, I won’t. They’re pretty but we all know how uncomfortable they are. I really wish society would get over its obsession with the nipple. We all have them, it should be no big deal.
  18. I also kind of wish it was socially acceptable for women to have body hair. I wax, and I admit legs do look nicer when they’re smooth but I don’t think body hair on women is as disgusting as everyone else seems to. It’s just like the hair on your head only shorter…
  19. I’ve called in sick because of cramps. I think mensual leave should be a thing.
  20. I’m a fantasy nerd. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia … anything with magic, I’ll probably love it. I even don’t mind sci-fi as long as it’s not too intense (Doctor Who for example).
  21. Another one of my guilty pleasures is dumb online quizzes, like the Buzzfeed ones. I’ve made myself stop doing them though because I can waste so much time on them.
  22. I deleted my Snapchat. I really only got it because a friend forced me to. I’ve never been able to get into it. I’m not funny enough to think of clever snaps of myself, and if something funny/interesting is happening IRL it’s usually over by the time I get my phone out and turn on snapchat.
  23. Honestly I’m kind of a grandma when it comes to social media. I’d be so happy if there was only one channel, because it’s overwhelming and time consuming to check them all. Plus there is a lot of overlap.
  24. It actually took me days to write this post because I had trouble thinking about myself so much.
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    1. Maria 23/10/2016 at 13:38

      Thanks Paola! xx

    1. Maria 23/10/2016 at 13:38

      Thank you Jessi x

    1. Maria 23/10/2016 at 13:38

      Thank you Naelle x

  1. Christina Gliati 21/10/2016 at 22:49

    Very happy birthday! I remember the post with the facts about you and like I said then, some of the confessions go for me too. Wish you all the best. Kisses!

    1. Maria 23/10/2016 at 13:39

      Thanks Christina 🙂 xx

  2. Edita 22/10/2016 at 15:00

    Goodness me, I would have never thought I’d read so many similarities!

    Napoleon Dynamite rocks! 😀 😀 😀

    And if I can get away with not wearing a bra, it’s a great day!


    1. Maria 23/10/2016 at 13:39

      Ooh great to know! That’s why I like these posts 🙂 xx

  3. Dora Toubanaki 23/10/2016 at 10:03

    Happy Birthday! You are not old! You are still too young!
    I loved the confessions! no.23 is for me too!
    and Friday is for chill! Totally agree with this one!
    Dora http://www.BangsBang.com

    1. Maria 23/10/2016 at 13:40

      Thanks Dora! I know for the most part I am young but compared to some teenagers I feel old lol xx

  4. Hsinwei Ho 23/10/2016 at 18:04

    Very interesting post. I should do it too! And my biggest dream if I was rich enough. I want to live in the hotels for the rest of my life :)) and travel wherever I want whenever I want to language free

    1. Maria 24/10/2016 at 18:20

      Thanks! I’d love to learn more about you if you do one 🙂
      Ooh that sounds like fun, but I don’t know if I’d be able to do that because I get too attached to certain clothes lol.

  5. Hsinwei Ho 23/10/2016 at 18:06

    Luggage not language haha language free can do too 😜

  6. Neguine 30/10/2016 at 16:37

    OMG! I can’t believe i missed this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABE. You are such an amazing person and I loved reading more about you. It is so cute to get to know each other more with the time and I am sure I would love you in real life. You seem to be the shy, funny, and weirdo type. I love to see how you keep opening up with the time, keep up the amazing work my babe! Love you


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